Abigail’s Arms



Leslie Nichols – President
Sharon Forney – Vice President
Barbara Morgan – Treasurer
Jan Cain –Secretary

Daniel Orr
John Warren
Laura Anderson
Marvin Royal
Michael Ware
Penni Dangelmayr
Rayleen Hubbard


Ginger Johnson – Executive Director
Aaron Davis – Finance Director
Maria Najera – Director of Campus Advocacy and Community Education
Rosina Salsman – Director of Grants and Data Administration
Yvonne Knowland – Director of Staff and Volunteer Relations
Linda Lewis – Non Residential Case Manager
Josie Ayala – Bilingual Case Manager
Bridgette Clemons – Residential Case Manager
Jessica Chambers – Campus Advocate
Rebekah Davidson – Campus Advocate
June Cruz – Children’s Activities
Krystin Click – Intake Specialist
Keith Burdett – Operations Manager
Mike Bonn – Operations Assistant
Jessica Hill, MA, LPC, NCC – Therapist, Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
Amanda Gatlin – Family Advocate, Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
Karis Windle – Family Advocate, Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
Taylor Smith – Family Advocate, Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
Lindsey Sanders – Program Manager of CAC Cooke County
Whitney Kile – Residential Case Manager
Renae Bruce, MS, LPC Intern, NCC Therapist
Angel Madrid – Administrative Assistant

Barbara Epting – MDT Coordinator
Emily Landers – Family Advocate, Child Advocacy Center (CAC)