Abigail's Arms

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Eric Holquin – President
Sharon Forney – Vice President
Barbara Morgan – Treasurer
La Creasha Stille – Secretary

Callie Paxton
Jan Cain
Jason Brinkley
Laura Anderson
Marvin Royal
Michael Ware
Penni Dangelmayr
Rayleen Hubbard
Lt. Sonny Privett


Ginger Johnson – Executive Director
Aaron Davis – Finance Director
Rosina Salsman – Director of Grants & Data Administration
Yvonne Knowland – Director of Staff & Volunteer Relations
Jessica Chambers – Community Advocacy Coordinator
Carla Lane – Residential Program Manager
Angel Madrid – Administrative Assistant
Dianne Johnson – Residential Advocate
Gabrielle Love – MDT Coordinator
James Howard – Operations Advocate

Josie Ayala – Bilingual Case Manager
June Cruz – Residential Advocate
Kathy Henley – Residential Advocate
Kirstie Sumner – Residential Case Manager
Linda Lewis – Non-Residential Case Manager
Mary Ellis – Intake Specialist
Rebekah Davidson – Intake Specialist

Sydne Smith – Family Advocate
Taylor Smith – Family Advocate/Forensic Interviewer
Ting-Wei “Pallas” Huang, MS, LPC Associate, NCC – Therapist
Vanessa Mangel – Residential Advocate