No appointment needed for immediate face to face crisis intervention and support for survivors of sexual assault, family violence, child abuse and other violent crimes 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 940-665-CURE (2873) • 1600 Aspen • 201 Harvey St. • PO Box 1221 • Gainesville, TX 76241

Types of Domestic Abuse or Family Violence

Domestic violence is not just physical abuse.

Emotional Abuse

Constant criticism, undermining your self-worth or calling you names.

Economic Abuse

Attempting to make you financially dependent, taking complete control over the finances, withholding access to your money or forbidding you to accept employment.

Sexual Abuse

Coercing any sexual contact from you, marital rape, treating you in a sexually demeaning manner.

Psychological Abuse

Causing fear, intimidation, threatening physical harm to themselves, you, children, family/friends or pets, forcing isolation from family, friends or work environment.

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